DHIRAJ ENGINEERS was established in 1990 manufacturing quality products for a Structural steel fabrication wide range of demanding customers. The processes we perform range from raw material handling to blanking, welding, and finishing. Additionally, we maintain control over packaging and shipping, to ensure quality control throughout. And we do it all under one roof.

With over 7500 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, we can contract for custom fabrication, standard production runs, and powder paint finishing. Our expansive facilities and versatility make us fully capable of adapting to the specifications of virtually any job.

DHIRAJ ENGINEERS has experienced and skilled employees and various consultants who can design the engineering aspect for various kind of plants

You want uniform and thorough coverage for a durable and resilient finish - all the way down the line. You want the job done by a reliable company with a history of high quality performance.
As an additional service, DHIRAJ ENGINEERS has facilities to package your product, ship it to its destination on schedule, or store it for future delivery.

For more information, please call us at + (91) 934 122 5404.