offers a comprehensive range of fluid process mixing systems and agitator mixers for use in an extensive number of industrial applications, providing solutions for agitation systems to suit your manufacturing requirements.

Types of industrial mixers available from Teralba include:

  • Clamp-on
  • Anchor
  • Drum
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Stainless steel Reaction units

Agitator mixer styles include:

  • Top entry
  • Standard, portable and miniature side entry Base entry

Reactor Accessories and Instrumentation,Agitators, Blending Machines


Nozzle Accessories and Instrumentation

  • Access Options
  • OptiSeal
  • GlasLock Agitators
  • OptiMix Baffles
  • Clean Valve
  • Jacket and Insulation Options

Autoclave machine


Structure work


Storage vessel


MD Storage vessel

Storage vessel is a container, generally use for to storge of different type of liquids, chemicals, oils, & water, compressed gases/ liquid gases etc. We manufacture storage vessel in many shapes like vertical and horizontal cylindrical, open top and closed top, flat bottom, conical bottom, slope bottom and dish bottom, rectangular & square also.We manufacture S.S. Lorry tanks to transport the chemicals, water, milk & eatable oil etc. We are manufacturing with the standard of GMP /NON GMP from 0.50 KL to 100 KL capacity in Stainless steel grade 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Aluminium, Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel, Mild steel (IS : 2062), FRP Tanks & Rubber lined Vessels etc.

Manufacturing Standard

We are manufacturing as per ASME, IS Standard & International Codes for pressure vessels to perform high quality equipment.


Storage Vessel shell & bundle will be hydro & water fill leak test on desire pressure after completion the fabrication.

Internal Inspection & Documentation System

Vessel will be internal inspected by our Q.C engineer with complete internal record of inspection & Quality Inspection documentation.

Finishing & Painting

All inner & outer Surface of vessel are Prepared as per GMP /NON GMP Standard where required. All M.S. Parts will be painted one coat of red oxide primer after surface preparation & two coat of enamel paint.

Application of Storage Vessel

Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs, Distilleries & Beverages, Dyes & Chemicals, Pesticide & Insecticide, Dairies & Food product, Petro Chemicals, Fertilizers, Intermediates, Refineries, Power plants & Allied Industries etc.

cyclone machine


Heat Exchangers